Chemistry Abroad - Great Summer

The department of Natural Sciences had the pleasure of hosting two of its alumni Chemistry students, Ms. Nahla Kreidly & Mr. Hassan Harb, who shared their summer internship experience with current faculty and students.  This event, titled “Chemistry Abroad - Great Summer” took place on November 14, 2014.

Ms.  Nahla Kreidly attended the internship summer camp that was held at Oxford University-London (Somerville College), which involved a tutorial introductory course on Material Science and its domains. Mr. Hassan Harb attended the internship summer school organized by Aahus University, Denmark. The course covered new trends in quantum chemistry, covering various ways to solve the Schrodinger equation.

Both students presented the importance of their experience in being exposed to different cultures, which in their opinion is a new degree in itself. Their summer camp internship was not only related to learning new ideas in chemistry, but to uncovering other cultures, sharing similar dreams, and having broad scientific international networks.

Dr. Samira Korfali, who organized the event, believes that the uniqueness of the activity lies in being presented by students, who shared their experience with their peers. This is also a valuable means of promoting the Chemistry Major at LAU by permitting students to focus on furthering their graduate study and/or career.