Open House at the Writing Center!

The writing center has been offering free consultation sessions, workshops, and other writing services to LAU students, faculty, and staff for the past few years, and in order to further promote its activities, everyone was invited to its ‘open house’ sessions on LAU’s Beirut and Byblos campuses, on October 27 and 29 respectively. 

Attendees engaged in interactive activities, discussed the need for writing and effective communication, and also received writing ‘motivators’ in the form of handouts and souvenirs. In Beirut, faculty members joined in the celebration and Dr. Nahla Bacha, Acting Chairperson of the Departments of English and Humanities, described the atmosphere as the creation of an “academic buzz”.

Associate Chair of the Department of English, Dr. Kris Aercke, walked through a simulation of a regular tutoring session, stepping into a student’s shoes. 

For more information on the writing center and details on how to book an appointment and benefit from their online resources, click here