LAU Students Participate in Arab Investigative Journalism Meeting

Nay El-Helou and Reem Bou Hussein, two senior journalism students, represented LAU at the annual meeting of Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism in Amman, held on December 5, 2014. They brushed shoulders with media giants such as BBC veteran Tim Sebastian and world-famous investigative journalist Seymour Hersh.

The two young women had won a student contest focusing on investigative journalism, which enabled them to travel to Jordan and attend the conference at the organizer’s, ARIJ’s, expense.

When asked about this event, Bou Hussein emphasized that her participation in the 7th Annual Forum, enriched her knowledge in the field of ‘Investigative Journalism’ and gave her an opportunity to meet famous journalists and attend interesting and beneficial workshops. She continues to state that: “Overall, it was a great experience which will help in paving my way to the world of journalism.”

El Helou conceded that “meeting world-renowned journalists and dozens of successful investigative journalists was a wonderful opportunity.” She believed this to be an inspiring learning experience that proved she was in the right major.