Trio for Contemporary Arab Music

Mr. Ghassan Sahhab, instructor of music at LAU, will be participating in the International Festival of Contemporary Art of Sound held in Germany on Saturday, February 7, 2015. His concert is titled Trio for Contemporary Arabic Music. 

The “Trio” consists of Ghassan Sahhab (Qānūn - Lebanon), Mustafa Said (Oūd - Egypt), and Joss Turnbull (Percussions - Germany). For more information, please access the event website here

Mr. Sahhab was also selected by the AFAC for the production and release of his first instrumental album, titled “My Orient”. The album features Sahhab’s original compositions for Qānūn and accompanying instruments. The music is inspired by traditional musical forms from the region, with a modern twist and innovative playing techniques on the Qānūn.