Alumni Spotlight: Aref Boualwan

Mr. Aref Boualwan graduated from LAU in 1995. He now lives and works in Athens, Greece. As Manager M.I.S &  Business Process Re-Engineering at Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), and a manager at CCT International, the main technology provider of CCC, Mr. Boualwan has consistently supported LAU’s academic initiatives in the field of computing such as the CCT Computing Summer Camp, and the Arab Collegiate Programming Contest

His detailed profile is below:


Full Name: Aref Boualwan

Graduation Year and Major: 1995 \ Computer Science

Post Graduate work / Degrees: Executive Development Program \ INSEAD

Current Profession: Manager M.I.S. & Business Process Re-engineering 

Currently Living in: Athens, Greece

Mr. Boualwan, seen here to the top left during the Arab Collegiate Programming Contest at LAU.

Tell us what you remember about your course of study at LAU
Although each and every course has its own “flavor”, two courses stand out in my mind. On the professional level, the “Database Structure” & “T.L.” courses, both given by Mr Papazian, provided me with the necessary competence to start my professional life and stayed with me until now. Also, I do remember with nostalgia the ‘overnights’ we spent to complete our tough assignments. No wonder they marked me for life…

On the personal level: Math was always a cherished passion of mine that dates back to my school days. Attending Dr. Habre’s courses at LAU not only substantially added to my knowledge, but it also helped me learn from him, through his imperturbable tranquility and patience, how to manage overzealous students and gently restore the class order when students (like myself) step out of line. This provided me with  real-life best practices that I often use in my interaction with people and, especially, enthusiastic subordinates.


What did you enjoy about your time at LAU (your most significant memories) and did it help you to decide on your next steps towards becoming who you are now?
The most significant memory I have about LAU is its “family” like surroundings. Everybody used to know everybody. Being a “small village”, coming to the Beirut campus every morning was like a second homecoming where one eagerly looks to meeting familiar faces, especially at the upper gate nostalgic morning “Nescafe”!

What’s the secret of your success?
Success is very relative to the perception of the person; nevertheless, I believe to succeed in big corporations and international organizations, three main ingredients are required:

  • To have a Vision: “In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision”, Dalai Lama
  • Hard-core technical skills: Being knowledgeable in one’s own line of work is a valuable asset for any person. These skills help the professional get acceptance by colleagues at different level of the hierarchy.
  • Leadership skills: Success is always dependent on human interaction. Ability to motivate people, bring them together & bring out the best in them is a major key factor to reaching ones’ goals.

Do you have any advice for students in your field of study/expertise?
“Your Attitude, not your Aptitude, will determine your Altitude”, Zig Ziglar