STEM Education at LAU and Worldwide: Meanings, Foundations and Perspectives

March 15, 2016 - AKSOB 903 at 16:30

LAU is one of the first universities in the region to establish a graduate strand for teachers at all grade levels to specialize in the new, wide-spreading field of STEM Education.

This presentation discusses the various meanings of the STEM concept (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), and the social and economic conditions of its creation and development. It also presents some of the cognitive and pedagogical underpinnings of the STEM fields.

The lecture then attempts to shed light on STEM education within the Lebanese context, and to critically reflect on possible goals, contents, approaches and curricula of STEM Education. While so doing, and in connection to the Education Departments’ STEM Education courses, it will open a discussion of the challenges to STEM teaching and learning in the Lebanese context.

A Question - Answer session will follow the presentation.