Zikra Reaches Cannes

By Zeina Fakhredine

Zikra is a short movie written and directed by LAU Communication Arts student Fatma Rasha Shehadeh. It will be screened under the category of “Short Film Corner” during the prestigious Cannes Film Festival 2016, from the 16th of May until the 22nd.

Zikra takes place in 1973, Lebanon. Amira and Nagham lead strikes against the government pleading for teachers’ rights. Amira was confident of the strike’s success, until she heard the news (or knew) that 300 teachers, including her, were going to be fired from their jobs.

“Throughout the whole production process, I felt as if I was giving birth to my first child,” said the young filmmaker Fatma Rasha shehadeh.

The 16-minute, Arabic-language film was shot in five days. Joy Karam, Acil Abdulhadi and Johnny Manna are the main actors.