Alumni Spotlight: Rabih Zeineddine


The School of Arts and Sciences at the Lebanese American University would like to highlight on its website the achievements of its alumni. As one alumnus/alumna who has been identified as one to be recognized, Mr. Rabih Zeineddine answered the following questions.

  1. Full Name: Rabih Nadim Zeineddine 
  2. Graduation Year and Major: BS Computer Science  1990
  3. Post-Graduate work/Degrees: MS Computer Science 2000
  4. Current Profession: Deputy Manager IT Department (Central Bank of Lebanon) Project Manager for many principal IT projects.
  5. Currently Living in: Beirut
  6. Tell us what you remember about your course of study at LAU: It was a great journey to build knowledge and skills not only in my major but also in all related fields. We were not only educated from major courses but we were also educated how to deal with life. We can’t describe our past experience in LAU without talking about great teachers such as Prof. Nashat Mansour and Vache Papazian, Prof. Ramzi Haraty, and many others that helped building our knowledge and future career blocks. Classes and words of Prof. Nashat Mansour are still guiding us in our career. Books, presentations, papers all are still there kept in a safe place, in our mind. I will always remember the overnights with black coffee, Computer Center, Projects, and assignments.  
  7. What did you enjoy about your time at LAU (your most significant memories) and did it help you to decide on your next steps towards becoming who you are now?  You can never forget LAU, Library, teachers, colleagues, classes, campus, etc… at each achievement you have a story behind that pushes you to be what you are now.
  8. How would you describe yourself? Adaptive, Open minded, Ambitious, committed, and supportive.
  9. What’s the secret of your success?  Chose the right major, consistent, determined, and initiative.
  10. Do you have any advice for students in your field of study/expertise? Give enough time to understand the basics and open wide your mind to grasp real life applicable information solutions.
  11. Anything else you would like to add… Learning is a continuous process and there is no “silver Bullet”.