From North Carolina State University to LAU: A new MA in Migration Studies course

A new MA course in Migration Studies will be offered in Spring 2017, by distinguished professor of North Carolina State University, Akram Khater.


The new course, MIG 780B: Lebanese Migrations: A History Beyond Myths, demonstrates how the Lebanese migration and diaspora is deeply implanted into our psyche, culture and identity. Yet, much of what we purport to know is grounded in myths and smoothed into a flat narrative. This course seeks to provide a more complex narrative and understanding of early Lebanese migration (1880-1960).
Using a wide variety of sources we will explore what motivated this massive migratory movement, its impact on the men and women who travelled, the society they left and the communities where they settled. Along the way, we will discuss themes of gender, race, ethnicity and nationalism. Student projects will focus on public history and digital humanities, acquiring new tools and theoretical approaches in the process.

For more details, get in contact with: Dr. Paul Tabar,