Harvard Professor to teach a new MA in Migration Studies course at LAU

A new MA Course in Migration Studies will be offered in Spring 2017 by distinguished Harvard University Professor Dr. Peggy Levitt. 


The new course is MIG 780: Migrating People, and Culture: Understanding Individuals, Ideas, and Institutions on the Move.

This course begins with an overview of theories of migration - why people move, how they become integrated into the countries where they settle, and how they stay connected to their homelands, focusing in particular on what we see when we understand migration transnationally. We will then discuss how transnational migration is transforming economic, religious, and social life and the social contract between citizen and state and the kinds of new social welfare and political institutions that are arising in response.  Then, we will look at the places where the world is being reimagined. What cultural and political institutions are doing the work of remapping the world so we do not understand it as necessarily or logically organized into discrete nation-states.  Finally, we will look at global canons.  If more and more, people feel a sense of affinity to national and global communities, what is it that global citizens need to know?  How do the global and literary canons change to become more inclusive?

For more details, get in contact with: Dr. Paul Tabar,