Life a String of Actions, Links

By Zeina Fakhreddine

Egyptian pianist Seba Ali will perform her piano recital “Links” at the Gulbenkian Theatre this Thursday, October 20, at 7p.m.

“Links” is a solo 60-minute performance that combines piano with visuals. Inspired by the concept of life as a string of actions, “Links” features 22 pieces by Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Rameau, and Couperin, among others. Written between 1645 and 1653, the pieces are connected by relative keys, enabling the pianist to play them as one continuous event, void of any interruptions.

By using visuals in a piano recital, Ali’s aim is to send a powerful message that unites the elegance of music with the impact of images.

Acclaimed for her masterful piano technique and wide-ranging musical imagination, Ali is in the final stages of obtaining a degree as Doctor of Music Arts from Stony Brook University. She now lives in Beirut and teaches music in the Performing Arts program of the Department of Communication Arts at the Lebanese American University.


Ali has previously performed with Lynn Philharmonia, Cairo Orchestra, Bibliothea Alexandria and many others. She also maintains solo recitals and frequently performs at renowned venues.