From Classroom to Industry

The Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum at LAU remains dedicated to providing students with immersive experiential learning opportunities for the professional world.

Over time, education has become more focused on equipping students with the necessary hands-on skills to thrive in a dynamic market and preparing them for challenges and opportunities faced by industries to ensure sustainability. 

LAU’s Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum (LASC) achieves this goal by incorporating practical learning experiences and industry insights into a myriad of its courses. One such course is LAS302 Inquiry for Innovation, which explores how the digital revolution is reshaping industries and highlights the importance of research and innovation in developing sustainable solutions to address market needs.

To that end, Mazen Abboud, a part-time faculty member who teaches the course, organized a class visit in March to INDEVCO-Sanita, a manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of hygiene care products in compliance with American and European manufacturing standards using advanced technology.

“It’s essential to demonstrate how companies develop their products to meet the needs of a changing market,” said Abboud, “and these trips enable students to meet entrepreneurs and observe their real-life behaviors and decision-making processes.”

Facilitated by Computer Science alumnus and Learning and Leadership Manager at INDEVCO Wissam Mussaed (MS ’94), the visit exposed the students to the dynamics of leadership, resource management, problem-solving and adaptability to changing environments in the industry.

During a tour of the premises and factory, the students were introduced to the daily operations of the company. Observing the intricacies of production—from manufacturing equipment to quality control—they acquired a deeper understanding of what it involved and the meticulous attention to detail it required.

Business sophomore Anthony Saab said that the experience gave him “a better understanding of the complex processes to guarantee the quality and safety of everyday essentials.” This firsthand knowledge, he added, will contribute to his broader comprehension of product selection in the future.

Mechanical Engineering sophomore student Jimmy Samaha felt that the practical insights were  “valuable because they showed how important it is to keep coming up with new ideas and always deliver top-notch quality to stay ahead of the competition.”

His classmate Linda Maalouf, majoring in business, valued the visit’s role in “enhancing my understanding of product manufacturing and the detailed processes that ensure consumer safety.”

For Abboud, plans are underway to further engage students in the technological innovation sector. In the future, he plans to hold lectures on AI in Design, facilitated by industry experts, “to expand students’ horizons by connecting them with successful entrepreneurs, all of whom started from humble beginnings and became next-generation innovators.”