This show is an interdisciplinary experimental performance that aims to critique the role of media in today’s society. By combining multimedia, 3D projection, poetry, music and dance I set to engage the audience with the question of authenticity, truth, perception and reality. With an educational and interdisciplinary approach, I recruited students from Interior Design, Performing Arts and TV & Film programs to collaborate during the course of one semester.


  • Electric Guitar: Mohammed Zahzah, Karl Bou Rjely
  • Oud: Mortada Hariri
  • Electronics: Roger Azar
  • Electric Guitar & Voice: Jawad El Mawla
  • Bass: Mada Harb

Music: Martín Loyato.

Choreographer and Dancer: Moe Al Khansa.

Technical Crew

  • Technical Director: Elias Hraoui
  • Sound Engineer: Tarek Al Madani
  • Projection Mapping & Camera Operator: Ali Fakih
  • Video Tape & Camera Operator: Karim El Ali, Muaz Tellawi
  • Camera Operator & Supervisor: Line Itani
  • Camera Supervisor: Chady Kanj