Raising Awareness about Fashion Sustainability

The fashion sector is among the world’s fastest-growing industries, yet is also one of the most polluting sectors. What many may not be aware of is the negative impact that the fast fashion sector has on the environment and workers. Therefore, for this project, a digital magazine was created to look like a fashion magazine, but using culture jamming and subversive tactics. The goal of the magazine is to raise awareness among LAU students (especially fashion majors) around the problems of the fashion industry, including exploitation of workers, child labor, and polluting the environment. The magazine also highlights the importance of slow fashion and offers sustainable and equitable practices for fashion consumers and designers. This project first gathered secondary research from previous studies to investigate the labor and ecological threats of the fashion sector. Primary research was then conducted through a focus group to gather insights and tailor the magazine’s content. An online Instagram page was created to promote the magazine’s content and a post-survey was facilitated to test the impact of the product.

Academic Supervision: Dr. Gretchen King.

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