URaD Scholar: Mohammad Kabakibi - BS in Biology 
Mentor: Associate Professor of Chemistry Brigitte Wex
Research Topic: Computational Chemistry in the Field of Photodynamic Therapy

“As an aspiring scholar who tries to take every opportunity that can later shape a new layer in me, as soon as I learned about the URaD I decided to join. I wanted to explore research from a new angle; I was seeking to witness the intersection and diversity between different fields. The program was a hub for me to develop my research skills through professional connections and diverse workshops. One implied skill that was shaped by Dr. Wex, my computational chemistry mentor, was how to pitch my research to anyone from any background. I also got equipped with the basics of entrepreneurship, sustainability, storytelling and negation skills. As soon as the August 4 Beirut Port blast happened, I thought of investing in my new skills to help at least the youth. So, I started Chain of Education with a remarkable commitment of various volunteers from around eight countries.”

URaD Scholar: Mohammed Zeaiter - BS in Biology 
Mentor: Associate Professor of Chemistry Brigitte Wex
Research Topic: Computational Chemistry in the Field of Photodynamic Therapy

“Through URaD I was immersed in intersectional research skills. I decided to invest in those skills and propose leading an interventions research program founded at Chain of Education by Mr. Peter Wanna, a URaD alumnus and a Chain of Education member. As I got an impressive mentorship from Dr. Wex, I decided to help younger students shape their research aspirations. In that program we target the most vulnerable communities by doing research and offering them solutions. Hence, such a program achieves an important vision of research that is giving for the greatest benefit of the humankind. The program developed my research skills by providing me an opportunity to get trained by people who hail from science, humanities, business and arts! It is wonderful to see how every field works for the infinite benefit of the humankind, same as the way our human physiology works collectively to maintain our homeostasis.”

URaD Scholar: Mazen Al Hammoud - BS in Biology
Mentor: Associate Professor of Biochemistry Ralph Abi-Habib
Research Topic: The Role of mTOR Activation After Arginine Deprivation in Acute Myeloid Leukemia

“URaD was a turning point in my life because now I am involved in seven research projects, two of which I am leading. I am currently working on medical projects with Cleveland Clinic mainly, and in the process of publishing few manuscripts as a co-author. I was also selected as the only undergraduate student on the advisory board of medical students of the International Journal of Clinical Research. I also obtained my peer review certificate from Publons Academy. I truly think that URaD offers a fertile ground to begin research, especially if the student is proactive and willing to build connections – it’s a domino effect,” he said.  

URaD Scholar: Nour Abi Fadel – BS in Biology, Minor in Psychology
Mentor: Visiting Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology Pia Tohme
Research Topic: Predictors of eHealth Use in Students, Investigating Digital Health Literacy, Mental Health Literacy, and Reflective Functioning

“I’m passionate about reorienting digital health innovations to inclusive implementations. My primary value is increasing equity in the digital space. URaD was a ticket to become a next-generation researcher and innovator. Over a month, we learned about sustainability, valuable programming skills, and how to think like a researcher. In order to strengthen the study’s outcome, Dr. Tohme and I decided to investigate both digital health literacy and mental health literacy. Moreover, Dr. Tohme combined more psychological attributes, such as mentalization, the ability to understand mental state that underlies the overt behavior of oneself or others.”