Institute for Social Justice and Conflict Resolution

Migration Governance and Asylum Crises

The Institute for Social Justice and Conflict Resolution at the Lebanese American University will take part in the MAGYC Project – Migration Governance and Asylum Crises, a project that stems from the European research program “Horizon 2020”. Funded by the European Commission, MAGYC (2018 – 2022) was selected through a competitive process. This project gathers 13 partners, and will be coordinated by The Hugo Observatory at the University of Liege in Belgium. Partners come from diverse European countries, as well as from Lebanon and Turkey. The budget of the project is around 3.2 million euros, spread over four years.

About the Project

The MAGYC Project will explore how European migration policies are influenced by political crises triggered by migration. At a time when such policies are heavily contested across European member-states, and when asylum seems more threatened than ever, this project is critically important to improve our understanding of how migration policies are formulated and shaped by a context of crisis.

LAU’s participation in MAGYC

LAU’s participation in Work Package 2 “Migration and Asylum governance through times of crises: continuity and changes in the governance configuration” will be led by Dr. Tamirace Fakhoury. In this framework, LAU will undertake a case study analysis on the multi-level migration governance in the Arab Middle East and its implications for resilience, and outcomes on mobility. This case study will contribute to understanding how bilateral agreements such as the compacts contribute to understanding the dynamics and metrics of multi-levelling in governance, and will track shifting governance modes from pre-crisis mobility to post-crisis resilience.

The Partners