Writing Center

About Us


The LAU Writing Center is devoted to academic excellence and student-centeredness, in line with the university’s mission. The center aims to promote a culture of academic and professional writing, enhance writing across the curriculum, and help students develop as more thoughtful, independent, and rhetorically effective writers. The Writing Center is composed of three main units that collectively help fulfilling its mission: A mentorship unit that includes the tutor’s room and the writer’s room; writing across the curriculum unit; and a workshop unit. Each unit caters to the internal LAU community and provides external consultancy services.

How It All Started

The Writing Center Ad Hoc Committee was formed by the Department of Humanities in the School of Arts and Sciences during fall 2008. The committee consisted of six faculty members in the Department of Humanities: Evelyn Chatila (secretary), Orpha Darwish, Dr. Nuwar Diab, Dr. Rula Diab (chair), Paula Habre, and Giselle Pempedjian. A proposal was prepared by Dr. Rula Diab and was based on general writing center literature and theoretical guidelines as well as on the specific discussions held and recommendations made by the committee members during their meetings.

In 2010, the Writing Center became a reality on the Beirut campus. Recognizing the same needs, an Ad Hoc committee was formed in 2012 to create a Writing Center on the Byblos campus, and it became operational in spring 2014.

What We Do

Writers need a supportive audience to succeed!

At the LAU Writing Center, we support writers within and beyond the university across all levels, disciplines and identities. Our tutors believe that:

Our tutors would always like to remind you that they don’t do your work since their main objective is to help you think about your writings!