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Writing Center

Welcome to the LAU Writing Center!

We are pleased you are visiting our website and we hope you find the information helpful.

We provide writing support for LAU undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff and the external community. We will work with you through the stages of writing and advise you on issues such as structure, clarity and grammar, in a flexible and friendly environment. We also provide several tutoring services including one-on-one, either in person or virtually, group tutoring and library walk-ins.

Bring your assigned papers and reports, projects, grant proposals, dissertation chapters, unfinished articles and conference papers, and our professional and peer tutors will help you at any stage of the writing process to produce a polished final draft.

We hope to see you at the Writing Center soon!

LAU students, faculty and staff:

We’d love to assist! You can schedule your individual free writing appointments through the WCOnline platform.

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Non-LAU members:

We provide various paid consultancy services. Click on the “Book a Meeting via Email” button to schedule an appointment to assess your needs, we will then provide you with a work plan. 

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For Students

How to Book an Appointment

To schedule an individual writing appointment, create an account through our user-friendly WCOnline platform. It takes two minutes! Click on the Book an Appointment button to register with WCOnline. Once registered, you will be linked to the online schedule.

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If you have trouble registering, you can check our Tutorials (under Resources) or pay us a visit at the Writing Center on campus. We are happy to assist!

Undergraduate Students

Once you join LAU, you will be required to submit written assignments for your courses. Our trained team are available to help you brainstorm, listen to your concerns, and offer guidance, feedback, and suggestions. They expect you to show up with your assignment and instructor’s guidelines, but they will not do the work for you.

We recommend that you meet regularly with a tutor to plan, write, and revise.

Graduate Students

We can assist you in all disciplines through one-on-one and group sessions as well as through a series of workshops. Our team is trained to offer support for academic and professional writings, and to tackle issues such as clarity, coherence, and structure. We recommend that you meet with the tutor regularly for continuous feedback and support throughout the writing stages of your long-term projects. You can book weekly or biweekly appointments with the same tutor to maintain continuity.

We also provide a series of workshops that you can attend and benefit from.

Group Tutoring

“The more, the merrier!”

Sometimes you might find it efficient to work in groups and receive collective feedback. Our tutors are available to provide support to a group of two to six students on a specific assignment. For group sessions, one student can book the appointment on WCOnline, then fill a form with the names of the group members. 

Become a Peer Tutor

The Writing Center is always interested in hiring talented graduate and undergraduate students who are eager to become writing fellows and provide support to the LAU community.

To join our team you need to submit a personal statement, a recommendation letter from your ENG 202 instructor and attend a training session.

Brown Bag Sessions

Our team will be following the Brown Bag trend during lunchtime. The LAU community will be informed about the biweekly events that will take place at 12:00 p.m. The workshops will cover issues related to writing assignments, both academic and professional.

Stay tuned!

For Instructors

Get Tutored

Colleagues are welcome to use our services and receive constructive feedback while working with the team. We would love to assist you in any writing project you have, either professional or academic.

Let our professional tutors work with you in a collegial environment!

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Advise Your Students to Use Our Services

We expect you to suggest our services to your students and to announce them in your syllabi. You can encourage them to visit the Center and get assistance from any tutor or peer tutor who can help them organize ideas, revise, and polish their work.

Schedule a Class Visit

Our team is prepared to help graduate and undergraduate students in all disciplines become more competent and confident writers. To introduce our services and provide clear information about the Writing Center, any instructor can request a ten-minute class visit and invite students on a virtual tour of the center.

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Request a Workshop

Allow our team to assist you in any writing assignment by requesting a tailored workshop. We can work with you to develop and conduct an inclusive workshop that supports student writing in a specific discipline.

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Request Co-teaching

You may invite one or two tutors to assist during an in-class writing assignment where students can receive immediate consultation from a tutor as they draft the assignment.

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For the External Community


The LAU Writing Center is committed to serving the external community by providing a wide range of paid writing services both academic and professional. Our skilled tutors are delighted to provide one-on-one support and help you plan, revise, edit, and proofread your manuscript. You can reach us by clicking on “Book a Meeting via Email” button to schedule an appointment. Our tutors will assess your needs and provide you with a work schedule.

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External Collaboration and Trainings

Our Writing Center is committed to providing trainings and workshops to the external community. We are willing to collaborate with educational institutions, administrators, or funders to train specific cohorts to become better writers or tutors. If you are interested in this service, you can contact us by clicking on the “Book a Meeting via Email” button.

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