BA in Psychology

What Will I Learn?

This major allows you to study and analyze the thoughts and behaviors of human beings, with an emphasis on the individual rather than the group. You will learn the various methods used in psychological research and data interpretation.

Your Career

Upon graduation, you can consider a wide range of careers at the entry level in the field of psychology or a related field such as education. Some careers will require further study and/or training after completion of the degree.


A total of 92 credits are required to graduate, , which can be completed in three years by those entering as sophomores.

Major core requirements (25 credits)

Number Course Cr
PSY201 Introduction to Psychology 3
PSY234 Development Across the Life Span 3
PSY303 Introduction to Neuroscience 3
PSY361 Research Methods 3
PSY425 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY466 Counseling Theories 3
PSY491 Internship 1
PSY499 Senior study 3
STA302 Introduction to Statistics in Social Sciences 3

Psychology electives (18 credits)

Number Course Cr
PSY202 Child Psychology 3
PSY302 Health Psychology 3
PSY304 Psychology of Youth 3
PSY311 Exceptional Child 3
PSY320 Theories of Personality 3
PSY322 Mind and Behavior 3
PSY323 Social Psychology 3
PSY324 Theories of Learning 3
PSY326 Psychological Assessment 3
PSY335 Organizational Psychology 3
PSY498 Topics in Psychology 3