Minor in Psychology

Our minor in psychology will compliment your major field of study with knowledge and experience that will enhance your understanding of human behavior and interdisciplinary inquiry.

What Will I Learn?

Upon successful completion of the program you will be able to:


For a Minor in Psychology you must choose 18 credits of the following courses:

Minor core requirements (6 credits):

Number Course Cr
PSY201 Introduction to Psychology 3
And one of the two courses listed below:
PSY202 Child Psychology 3
PSY234 Development Across Life Span 3

Minor electives (12 credits):

Number Course Cr
Developmental Psychology
PSY202 Child Psychology 3
PSY234 Development Across Life Span (pre-requisite PSY 201) 3
PSY203 Psychology of Youth (pre-requisite PSY 201) 3
PSY311 Exceptional Child (pre-requisite PSY 201) 3
Mind, Brain and Learning
PSY256 Sensation and Perception (pre-requisite PSY 201) 3
PSY322 Mind and Behavior (pre-requisite PSY 201) 3
PSY295 Theories of Learning (pre-requisite PSY 201) 3
PSY303 Introduction to Neuroscience 3
Socio-cultural and Organizational Psychology
PSY335 Industrial Organizational Psychology  (pre-requisite PSY 201) 3
PSY204 Social Psychology  (pre-requisite PSY 201) 3
PSY267 Cultural Psychology 3
Mental Health and Special Topics
PSY320 Theories of Personality (pre-requisite PSY 201) 3

PSY425 or


 Abnormal Psychology (pre-requisite PSY 201)

Mental Health Clinical Intensive

PSY466 Counseling Psychology (pre-requisite PSY 201) 3
PSY498 Topics in Psychology (pre-requisite PSY 201) 3