Minor in Audiovisual Production

What Will I Learn?

The Minor in Audiovisual Production introduces you to the profession of audio, video and film production and provides basic, intermediate and advanced media production competencies that complement various majors and specialties.

Who Can Apply?

Students from any major can apply to a Minor in Audiovisual Production.


This program consists of 18 credits:

Core Courses (6 credits)

Course Number Name
TVF 222 Introduction to Audio Visual Media
TVF 235 TV Production Principles

Departmental Electives (12 credits)

Course Number Name
TVF 310 TV and Film Workshop
TVF 317 Editing
TVF 318 Sound for Film
TVF 322 Visual Effects
TVF 421 Documentary Film
TVF 441 Cinematography
TVF 445 Advanced Cinematography
JSC 232 Photojournalism
JSC 332 Broadcast Journalism
JSC 432 Multimedia Feature
JSC 436 Journalism Workshop
Recording and Sound Reinforcement Techniques
PFA 318 Writing Music for Visual Media