BA in Television and Film

What Will I Learn?

This hands-on intensive program requires you to produce and direct TV shows and short films as well as experience the various production roles and tasks. It provides cutting edge facilities and equipment and prepares you to pursue careers as writers, producers, directors, sound designers, and directors of photography.

Your Career

Our program has graduated generations of directors, producers, and designers. The degree offers practical skills and conceptual knowledge and prepares students for work in the various production, creative, and managerial professions in the TV and film industries.


The BA in Television and Film requires 122 credits (including 30 Freshman credits):

Departmental Core Courses (31 credits)

Course Number Name
TVF 221 Art of Film
TVF 222 Introduction to Audio Visual Media
TVF 235 TV Production Principles
JSC 312 Media & Society
TVF 316 Script Writing
TVF 324 History of Film
TVF 328 Filmmaking Principles
JSC 419 Media Law and Ethics
JSC 451 Media Research Methods
TVF 498 Internship
TVF 499 Capstone Project

Departmental Professional Electives (12 credits)

Course Number Name
TVF 310 TV and Film Workshop
TVF 317 Editing
TVF 318 Sound for Film
TVF 322 Visual Effects
TVF 421 Documentary Film
TVF 441 Cinematography
TVF 445 Advanced Cinematography
JSC 232 Photojournalism
JSC 332 Broadcast Journalism
PFA 241 Introduction to Acting
PFA 317 Recording and Sound Reinforcement Techniques
PFA 342 Principles of Performing Arts Productions

Departmental General Electives (15 credits)

Course Number Name
TVF 488 Topics in TV and Film
PFA 214 Oriental Music Appreciation
PFA 221 Theories of Body in Performance
PFA 222 Art of Dance
PFA 242 Art of Theater
COM 301 Human Communication Theory
COM 312 Media and Gender
COM 313 Nonverbal Communication
JSC 224 Social Media
JSC 314 Data and Society
JSC 330 Arab and International Media
JSC 480 Global Media Literacy
JSC 481 Global Change, Cooperation & News
JSC 488 Topics in Media Studies

Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC) courses

LAC (30 credits): see details

Free electives (4 credits)