Minor in Chemistry

Our program provides you with a supportive environment to learn the principles of chemistry, different laboratory skills and instrumental techniques. It allows you to gain a broad knowledge in basic and applied chemistry. Offered courses focus on the four main pillars of chemistry: physical, analytical, organic and inorganic.

A Minor in Chemistry will provide you with basic information in chemistry through lecture and laboratory courses and equip you with a comprehensive understanding of good laboratory practices.

The program aims to provide access to modern instrumental techniques and applications.

What Will I Learn?

With a minor in chemistry:

Your Career

Pursuing a minor in chemistry widens your choices of further studies such as professional health studies, chemical engineering, environmental chemistry and technical chemistry fields including cosmetics, textiles and polymers. At the same time, the program complements premedical requirements for students interested in medicine.

Who Can Apply?

Students of all majors can gain valuable technical experience with a chemistry minor useful in today’s job market.


Students interested in Minor in Chemistry must complete 18 credits of the following courses:

Number Course Cr
CHM201/CHM205 Chemical Principles / Fundamentals of Chemistry 3
CHM203 Qualitative Analysis 1
CHM204 Quantitative Analysis 2
CHM301 Analytical Chemistry 3
CHM302 Instrumental Analysis 3
CHM311 Organic Chemistry I 3
CHM312 Organic Chemistry II 3
CHM313 Organic Chemistry I Lab 1
CHM314 Organic Chemistry II Lab 1
CHM330 Physical Chemistry I 4
CHM332 Physical Chemistry II 3
CHM334 Physical Chemistry Lab 2
CHM340 Environmental Chemistry 3
CHM402 Chemistry of Materials 3
CHM403 Polymer Science 3
CHM404 Forensic Chemistry 3
CHM406 Forensic Chemistry Lab 2
CHM412 Syn. & Id. of Organic Compound 2
CHM421 Inorganic Chemistry I 3
CHM422 Inorganic Chemistry II 3
CHM423 Syn. & Id.of Inorganic Compound 2
CHM424 Syn. & Id. of Nanomaterials 2
CHM425 Computational Chemistry 2


  1. CHM201 is a pre-requisite to all chemistry courses and hence must be taken by all students undergoing the minor in chemistry.
  2. If your program requires that you take more than 9-credits of chemistry, only 9-credits can be counted towards your minor.