BS in Chemistry (Pre-Med Program)

Our program provides you with a broad-based education, which includes exposure to the core areas of chemistry (analytical, physical, organic and inorganic), and recently emerging technologies in both a classroom setting and in the laboratory within the context of the liberal arts curriculum.

This program encompasses the latest methodologies and applications in the study of chemistry and provides you with access to advanced instrumental techniques, particularly through the integration of information technology solutions for chemical applications.

What Will I Learn?

You will develop critical-thinking skills through problem-based learning as well as adequate oral and written communication skills for scientific information. You will also acquire basic skills in research methodology, data analysis and interpretation through your coursework and the senior study project.

Ultimately, you will graduate as well-rounded individuals with a broad knowledge in the chemical field and hence will be well prepared for local, national and international job markets in the sectors of education, industry and health.

Your Career

When pursuing the pre-med track, this program prepares you for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) in order to pursue entry to medical school.

Moreover, the program prepares you for postgraduate study in scientific fields such as chemistry, chemical engineering, and biomedical sciences among others. 


A total of 94 credits are required to graduate:

Core Course requirements (42 credits)

Number Course Cr
CHM005 Preparatory Chemistry 0
CHM201 Chemical Principles 3
CHM203 Qualitative Analysis 1
CHM204 Quantitative Analysis 2
CHM301 Analytical Chemistry 3
CHM302 Instrumental Analysis 3
CHM311 Organic Chemistry I 3
CHM312 Organic Chemistry II 3
CHM313 Organic Chemistry I Lab 1
CHM314 Organic Chemistry II Lab 1
CHM330 Physical Chemistry I 4
CHM332 Physical Chemistry II 3
CHM334 Physical Chemistry Laboratory 2
CHM421 Inorganic Chemistry I 3
CHM422 Inorganic Chemistry II 3
CHM423 Syn. & Id. of Inorg. Comp. 2
CHM425 Computational Chemistry 2
CHM499R Senior Study Research 3

Elective courses (minimum 6 credits)

Number Course Cr
BCH301 Introduction to Biochemistry 4
CHM340 Environmental Chemistry 3
CHM350 Drug Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry I 3
CHM352 Method Validation and Quality Assurance 3
CHM402 Chemistry of Materials 3
CHM403 Polymer Science 3
CHM404 Forensic Chemistry 3
CHM405 Statistical Mechanics 3
CHM450 Drug Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry II 3
CHM451 Chemical Pharmacology 3
CHM488 Topics in Chemistry 3

Elective laboratory course (minimum 2 credits)

Number Course Cr
CHM351 Drug Discovery Lab 1
CHM406 Forensic Chemistry Lab 2
CHM412 Synthesis and Identification of Organic Compounds 2
CHM424 Synthesis and Identification of Nanomaterials 2

Other requirements (14 credits)

Mathematics requirements (6 credits)

Number Course Cr
MTH201 Calculus III (LAE) 3
Choose one of the following (3 credits):
MTH301 Linear Algebra 3
MTH303 Numerical Methods 3
MTH304 Differential Equation 3
MTH305 Probability and Statistics 3

Physics requirements (7 credits)

Number Course Cr
PHY201 Electricity and Magnetism 3
PHY201B Electricity and Magnetism Lab 1
Choose one of the following (3 credits):
PHY301 Classical Physics for Life Sciences 3
PHY321 Introduction to Modern Physics 3

Computer skills requirements (1 credit)

Number Course Cr
CSC201 Computer Applications 1

Free electives (3 credits)