Minor in Conflict Analysis and Resolution

If you are looking for a minor program that will give you a basic understanding of conflict, its causes, dynamics and its often complex consequences, then a Minor in Conflict Analysis and Resolution at LAU is the right choice.

The minor’s objectives are to provide a clear understanding of the nature and dynamics of conflicts and the dominant theories in this field. It allows you to analyze different approaches and tools used to understand and address interpersonal, workplace, community and international conflicts.

What Will I learn?

A Minor in Conflict Analysis and Resolution at LAU will:

Who Can Apply?

Students from all majors may qualify for this program, as long as they complete the required courses (See Minor Requirements under Curriculum). If you wish to declare a minor in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, you must contact the Registrar’s Office and inform your advisor in order to be assisted with the course selection.

Your Career

Our program will help you acquire a set of useful skills for your professional career in various fields, and will give you greater knowledge and skills on how to deal constructively and effectively with differences and conflicts in various contexts.


In order to qualify for a Minor in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, you must complete 18 credits from the following courses:

Minor Core Requirements (9 Credits)

Number Course Cr.
CAR201/POL 252 Fundamentals of Conflict Resolution 3
CAR202/PJE 201 Cross-cultural Communication and Conflict 3
CAR315/PJE315/POL 315 Community Conflict and Conflict Resolution 3

Minor Elective Requirements (9 Credits)

Number  Course Cr.
CAR204/PSY 204 Social Psychology 3
CAR213/POL 213 Mediation skills 3
CAR231/POL 231 Introduction to Human Rights 3
CAR241/POL 241 Model UN: Diplomatic Skills & Simulation 3
CAR316/POL 316 Introduction to International Conflict and Conflict Resolution 3
CAR317/MGT317/POL317 Conflict Resolution Tools for the Business World 3
POL 332 Public International Law 3
CAR415/POL 415 Negotiation and Bargaining 3
CAR432/POL 432 Diplomacy and Consular Services 3
CAR318/REL 318 Religious Thought and Conflict Resolution 3
CAR311/SOC 311 Social Problems 3
CAR312/WOS 312 Women and Economic Power 3