Minor in History

A Minor in History at LAU will give you an additional edge in your major fields. The skills that you will acquire from an exposure to history will enable you to think critically and comparatively.

Even in their daily lives, particularly in the Middle East region, every day involves some reference to history. Islam, modernity, ethnicity, inter-faith relations, the Arab/Israeli conflict, themes and topics which we are bombarded with on a daily basis, acquire perspective only when seen in a historical context.

History courses in the minor are also included in the Honors Program. 

What Will I Learn?

When you complete a Minor in History you will:

Who Can Apply?

Any LAU student can apply to the minor. Students in majors as diverse as engineering and computer science have expressed an interest in this program. Our current students are majoring in related fields such as political science, economics, and sociology.


The Minor in History requires six courses (18 credits). 

Number Title Cr
HST221 Ancient Greece & Rome 3
HST242 Europe and the Middle East 3
HST304 Modern Europe 3
HST305 Contemporary Europe 3
HST330 History of Byzantium 3
HST231 History of Lebanon Imarah to the 1975 War 3
HST241 History of Islam in the Middle East 3
HST240 History of the Arab Peoples 3
HST243   Economic History of the Middle East 3
HST244 History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict 3
HST332 History of China 3
HST331 History of Russia 3
HST340 Topics in the History of Ideas 3
HST334 History of North America 3
HST342 Topics in the History of Religion 3