BA in Communication

What Will I Learn?

Our program covers three areas: Advertising and Public Relations, Social and Political Communication, and Interpersonal and Organizational Communication. You may focus on only one or a mix of these three areas.


The BA in Communication requires 122 credits (including 30 freshman credits).

Departmental Core Courses (25 credits)

Course Number Name
COM 202                       Interpersonal Communication
COM 213 Public Relations
COM 226 Principles of Advertising
JSC 224 Social Media
JSC 312 Media and Society
JSC 419 Media Law and Ethics
JSC 451 Media Research Methods
COM 498 Internship
COM 499 Capstone Project

Departmental Professional Electives (15 credits)

Course Number Name
COM 305 Crisis Communication & Conflict Management
COM 316 Political Communication
COM 350 Media Entrepreneurship & Information Architecture
COM 353 Organizational Communication
COM 354 Health Communication
COM 358 Small Group Communication
COM 430 Writing for Advertising and PR
JSC 220 News Writing and Reporting
JSC 222 Digital Media Design
JSC 226 Multimedia Journalism Basics
JSC 228 Arabic News Writing and Reporting
JSC 314 Data and Society
TVF 222 Introduction to Audio Visual Media
GRDE 313 Advertising Design
MKT 201 Introduction to Marketing
MKT 302 Integrated Marketing Communication

Departmental General Electives (15 credits)

Course Number Name
COM 223 Persuasive Communication
COM 260 Advanced Public Speaking
COM301 Human Communication Theory
COM312 Media and Gender
COM 313 Nonverbal Communication
COM 488 Topics in Communication
JSC 330 Arab and International Media
JSC 480 Global Media Literacy
JSC 481 Global Change, Cooperation & News

Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum (LASC) courses