BA in Translation

The BA in Translation at LAU (English/Arabic; Arabic/English) prepares ethical and professional translators to fulfill market needs. Our program instructs you in the art of written English/Arabic, Arabic/English translation, offers the option of translating from and into French, and trains you to accurately reproduce cultural, economic, legal, and technical texts in these languages. Moreover, it helps you improve you command of English, Arabic, and French (optional) by developing your lexical repertoire and polishing your writing style.

What Will I Learn?

Our program raises your awareness about the importance of conveying the correct message of a text while preserving the author’s voice and style. It cultivates your appreciation of the cultural backgrounds of the source and target languages as well as provides you with practical experience in the use of computer and electronic translation tools.

We cooperate with the Center for Translation and Intercultural studies at University of Manchester, UK. Upon graduation, you have the opportunity to attend one of three MA programs in translation at the University of Manchester.

Your career

You can work in translation agencies, law firms, business firms, publishing houses, software companies, the media, local and international pharmaceutical companies, UN offices, governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as public and private institutions.

Our Students

Maya Azzam (BA ‘18) - Head of Counselors at Education Basket and co-author of Translation of Sufi Terms research study, published in the internationally-indexed journal Terminalia:

“I had just graduated from university and now I have a published article which is an added value to my academic path. Students are taught the intricacies of the scientific and publishing processes, providing us with deep knowledge once we decide to pursue graduate studies. My research skills have been enhanced in a great manner and this experience has taught me a lot on so many levels, be it personal or professional.” 


The BA in Translation major comprises 92 credits:

You may choose one of two emphases: Business translation or French translation by taking four designated Translation courses (12 credits). If you opt for the French emphasis, you will be working with three languages, Arabic, English and French.

Total Core requirements (43 credits)

Language Core requirements (9 credits)

Number Course Cr
ARA303 Arabic Grammar and Syntax 3
ARA305 Arabic Philology and Lexicography 3
ENG308 Semantics and Pragmatics 3

 Core requirements (34 credits)

Number Course Cr
TRA222 Translation Theory and Methodology 3
TRA224 Translation of Journalistic Texts (Ar↔Eng) 3
TRA312 Contrastive and Linguistics 3
TRA326 Translation of UN and International Conferences (Ar↔Eng.) 3
TRA328 Translation of Audiovisuals (Ar↔ENG.) 3
TRA330 Translation of Official and Legal Documents (Ar↔ENG.) 3
TRA332 Translation of Business and Economics Texts (Ar↔ENG.) 3
TRA334 Translation of Technical Texts (Ar↔ENG.) 3
TRA342 Computer Applications and Tools 3
TRA444 Practicum 3
TRA346 Editing 1
TRA499 Senior Study 3

Elective Emphasis (Choose one emphasis: 12 credits)

Business Emphasis Requirements (12 credits)

Number Course Cr
TRA460 Advanced Translation of Business and Economics Texts (Ar↔ENG.) 3
TRA350 Translation of Medical and Pharmaceutical Texts 3
TRA464 Advanced Translation of Official and Legal Documents (Ar↔ENG.) 3
TRA488 Special Topics in Translation 3

 French Emphasis Requirements (12 credits)

Number Course Cr
TRA482 Translation of Audiovisuals (Eng↔Fr./Ar↔Fr.) 3
TRA484 Translation of UN and International Conferences Texts (Eng↔Fr./Ar↔Fr.)  3
TRA486 Translation of Official and Legal Documents (Eng↔Fr./Ar↔Fr.) 3
TRA488  Special Topics in Translation 3