Diploma in Learning Disability and Giftedness

The purpose of our program is to offer professional teaching credentials, which provide you with the knowledge and expertise to educate and support students with a learning disability or giftedness. This program covers the whole spectrum of special education (from giftedness to learning disabilities).

What Will I Learn?

The program allows you to use knowledge from theory and research to implement evidence-based interventions. It helps you demonstrate skills needed for differentiated instruction based on pupils’ needs. It also promotes collaboration and advocacy designed to improve the quality of life of exceptional learners

This program will allow you to:

Who Can Apply?

To enroll in this program you need:

*Applicants graduating from an institution of higher education recognized by LAU, where English is not the language of instruction, are required to pass the EEE or the TOEFL.


You need 21 credits to complete this program.

Number Course Cr
EDU560 Teaching LD Students in the Classroom 3
EDU561 Dyslexia and Reading Difficulties 3
EDU562 Introduction to Gifted Education 3
EDU563 Methods and Materials for Gifted Education   3
EDU564 Psycho-educational Assessment 3
EDU500 Seminar in Education* 3
EDU565 Practicum 3

*Required by all students completing a teaching diploma.