MA in Education

Our program prepares aspiring professionals in the field of education to become leaders, change agents, effective educational practitioners and educational researchers.

If you wish to study a particular field in education, acquire a general theoretical background for past and future field experiences, or develop new skills for use in professional work in the field of education, then this is the program for you.

This program was designed for educators who would like to remain on the cutting edge of information, technology, and policies affecting the field of education. Some educators merely want to update their teaching and counseling strategies, research skills, or management techniques needed to play a unique role as teachers, counselors, special educators, administrators, and material developers in leading educational institutions in Lebanon and the Arab world.

Program Structure

This program emphasizes critical understanding of curriculum and pedagogy, the development of dispositions for continuous professional development and leadership and educational research. It prepares aspiring professionals in the field of education to become leaders, change agents, effective educational practitioners, and educational researchers.

You can choose between a thesis or a senior project in education/one elective course for the successful completion of the course of study.

What Will I Learn?

The program will allow you to:

Why You Should Choose Our Program

By enrolling in the MA in Education at LAU you will gain a critical understanding of curriculum and pedagogy, and develop dispositions for continuous professional development and leadership, which will give you visibility in your place of work. This program will also give you the opportunity to conduct educational research.

This is a flexible program which caters to divers needs.

Who Can Apply?

The MA in Education is ideal for fresh graduates, novice and experienced teachers, subject or educational level/cycle coordinators, school administrators (supervisors, principals), in addition to NGO employees.

Your Career

For many teachers, the MA in Education is a step towards professional development and promotion to school administration, especially supported by the program’s track of educational management and leadership. This program will give you a competitive edge in your field of work and will allow you to pursue a PhD in education.


To complete the program, students need to take complete 30 credits comprising of: 12 credits Core Courses, 3 credits Elective Courses, 9 credits Emphasis/ Cross-track Courses, 6 credits Capstone (Thesis\ Project\courses)

I. Core Education courses (12 credits)

Number Course Cr
EDU730 Curriculum Design 3
EDU731 Research Methods 3
EDU732 Educational Technology 3
EDU733 Advanced Educational Psychology 3
EDU700 Graduate Workshop* 0

*This workshop requires students to attend a certain number of seminars/ thesis defenses/ workshops and make at least one presentation other than their own thesis defense and proposal. All work has to be completed within the  two years of registering the course. The student has to submit a report (to the department) listing the attended seminars and given presentations and reflecting on each. It is mandatory for all graduate students.

II. Electives (3 credits)

One of the following courses:

Number Course Cr
EDU740 Trends and Issues in Early and Middle Childhood Education 3
EDU741 Special Education for All Educators 3
EDU742 Behavior Modification Techniques 3
EDU743 Trends and Issues in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment 3
EDU745 Educational Policies and Social Impact 3
EDU748 Topics in Education** 3

** Examples of course titles under “Topics in Education” are:

EDU748A: Gender Rights: A Focus on Education, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (3 credits)

EDU748B: Gender and Education (3 credits)

III. Track courses depending on emphasis:

A. Cross Track (9 credits)

Choose any three EDU courses at the graduate level.

B. Emphasis (9 credits)

Choose ONE emphasis from the following:

Specialist 1: Management and Leadership (9 credits)

Number Course Cr
EDU751 Leading and Managing Schools/Educational Institutions 3
EDU752 Trends and Issues in Educational Management 3
EDU753 School Effectiveness and Improvement 3

Specialist 2: Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages - TESOL (9 credits)

Number Course Cr
EDU761 Trends and Issues in TESOL 3
EDU762 Sociolinguistics and Social Context of Language 3
EDU763 Discourse and Materials Development 3

C. Specialist 3: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics - STEM (9 credits)

Number Course Cr
EDU771 Pedagogical and Cognitive Foundations of STEM Education 3
EDU772 Trends and Issues in STEM Education 3
EDU773 Research in STEM Education 3

IV. Capstone (6 credits)

Students may choose one of the following two options:

EDU799     Thesis in Education 6   
EDU798 Project in Education (3 cr.) and one elective course 6