Institute for Media Research and Training

Institute of Media Research and Training Programs

The Institute of Media Research and Training (IMRT) currently manages four programs.


The Media and Digital Literacy program focuses on the promotion of media and digital literacy education in the Arab region, through training a generation of educators, trainers and activists and developing locally rooted curricula and training manuals.


The Media and Gender program focuses on producing research that investigates the representation of gender in Arab media, the obstacles and limitations to the advancement of women in media careers, and the relationship between Arab media and gender. This program also delves into training, teaching, advocacy and activism work that aims to empower women journalists and media practitioners and create a legally enabling environment for them at work and in their communities.


The Media and War program covers a broad area of research that situates media research within the context of Arab wars, conflicts and politics. It includes researching the relationship between media and terrorism, the media uses of non-state actors and guerilla groups, and the framing of war and conflict.


The 99%Media program offers media training and high quality yet inexpensive production service to academics, activists and non-profit organizations who can’t afford such services from for-profit production companies. 99%Media also aims to produce activist and advocacy oriented documentary films and content that highlight important causes related to IMRT’s other programs and priorities.