Institute for Migration Studies (IMS)

The IMS Policy and Working Paper Series

Launched in September 2022, the Institute for Migration Studies’ Policy and Working Paper series provides an Open Access platform for publishing high-quality paper-length research scholars, academics and practitioners from around the world. Policy and working papers are published on the IMS website as a resource for migration and refugee-focused research. Papers must be submitted in English. See the criteria for publication below. 

Areas of Focus:

Criteria for Publication:


Papers in this Series: 

Paper 2/2023: Unveiling a Tragedy: Underground Economies and Criminal Syndicates as Precursors to African, Middle East and Asian Migration Fatalities in the Mediterranean Sea.

Paper 1/2023: Interpersonal, Institutional, and Structural Racism in COVID-19: Policy Impacts on Migrant Communities by Mohammad Al-Abbas and Jennifer Skulte-Ouaiss.

Paper 2/2022: Acknowledged but Forgotten: The Gender Dimensions of Sexual Violence Against Migrant Domestic Workers in Post-Crisis Lebanon by Jasmin Lilian Diab, Banchi Yimer, Tsigereda Brihanu, Ariane Kitoko, Amira Gidey and Francisca Ankrah.

Paper 1/2022: The Role of UNHCR and International Law in Return, Ethics and Practice: Can Lebanon Repatriate Syrian Refugees in Safety and Dignity Alone? by Jasmin Lilian Diab.