Institute for Migration Studies (IMS)

The Refuge Reports

While refugees in protracted crises exist all over the world, coverage, reporting, aid, resettlement and humanitarian assistance remain inequitable and unequal in different settings, regions and conflict settings. And while refugees from specific communities do grab the international media’s attention for short-lived periods of time when the conflict remains recent and ongoing, refugees across the globe remain in displacement settings long after the cameras stop rolling and funding priorities shift. For twelve weeks, the IMS at LAU will partner with organizations around the world to shed light on twelve refugee communities’ experiences of refuge and displacement, with the aim of shifting the focus back to the conflicts that no longer make the headlines. This initiative aims to serve as a database for scholars, researchers, writers and media personnel that work on/and cover the refugee landscape so that they too can continue to draw attention to the plight of the refugees who have not yet made it to safety.